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Clamshell Zig-Zag Cards

The Clamshell Zig-Zag card has a unique and appealing pop-up action. The opening mechanism is fully automatic, providing the recipient with a beautifully presented unfolding brochure. We can produce a magnetic clamshell variation across the entire range by embedding ferrous magnets into the outer cover.

Typical Uses for the Clamshell Include:

  • Tradeshow giveaways
  • Company location guides
  • Published maps
  • Corporate communications

clamshell leaflet medium half open
clamshell leaflet medium open
clamshell leaflet small open

Clamshell Production and Technical Specification:

We produce a range of four sizes of Clamshell card: ministandardsuper and giant, The outer cover can be adapted to house room keys, business cards or mini CD presentations. The text page is perforated and folded to a specific patternation creating the star-fold, or clamshell effect. Best results have been achieved using a 300gsm single sided board for the cover and a 140gsm silk or uncoated stock for the text.

Metric Dimensions

Mini Clamshell


  • 90 x 60mm finished
  • 60 x 275mm flat.

Pop Out Inner:  135 x 175mm

Standard Clamshell


  • 112 x 69mm finished
  • 69 x 450mm flat

Pop Out Inner: 218 x 160mm

Super Clamshell


  • 132 x 95mm finished
  • 95 x 534mm flat

Pop Out Inner: 259 x 220mm

Giant Clamshell


  • 148 x 210mm finished
  • 844.5 x 148mm flat

Pop Out Inner: 410 x 297mm

Imperial Dimensions

Mini Clamshell

Cover: 3 12” x 2 25” Finished

Pop Out Inner: 5 310” x 6 910

Standard Clamshell

Cover: 4 25” x 2 34” Finished

Pop Out Inner: 8 35” x 6 310

Super Clamshell

Cover: 5 15” x 3 34” Finished

Pop Out Inner: 10 15” x 8 35

Giant Clamshell

Cover: 5 45” x 8 14” Finished

Pop Out Inner: 16 110” x 11 710


Curveball’s founder, Adam Hazelwood, worked for Z-CARD Europe between 1997 and 2002, latterly as country manager for the Z-CARD (UK) & Ireland division. We would like to make it clear that the Zig-Zag Cards made by Curveball are not to be confused with that of Z-CARD Ltd, Z-CARD North America, or any of Z-CARDs distributors.[/vc_column_text]