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WiFi Brochures

WiFi brochures are printed brochures incorporating WiFi technology, Android operating system, high definition touch screen and a rechargeable battery.

The main reason for incorporating WiFi into the mix is that it means content can be updated from a central source without the need to send out a new brochure, USB stick or SD card with each new update. This has the added benefit of being fully automatic, instantaneous and cost effective.

Upon opening the WiFi brochure it will power up immediately and start scanning for a suitable WiFi connection. Once access to the internet is established, it will make contact with a web server and synchronise content stored on the server and local device.

Not only does this mean new content can be disseminated in a seamless, instant manner, it also means that new firmware updates, indexing and menu functions can be edited and added also.

What the WiFi brochure offers is a hard wearing, generic, custom-printed brochure with a screen portal the client has complete control over.

Content is managed from a local app stored on the client’s desktop. This app is developed specifically to cater for the needs of each client organization and can be updated as needs change over time.

Curveball provide the hardware in terms of the WiFi brochure and access to a web server configured to handle all content transactions. We offer support for all hardware and software for the duration of the contract period, as well as local app development services; meaning you are supported throughout by a team of experienced engineers and technicians.

Examples Of How Wifi Brochures Can Be Utilized:

  1. Company Brochures: For organisations who want their brochure to always reflect their latest offering.
  2. Training Tablets: For large organisations who provide staff support and training to remote locations, WiFi brochures can save a sizeable proportion of the internal communications and training budget by providing a secure, safe and portable platform for learning.
  3. Travel Destinations: Cruise ships, hotels or remote locations that don’t have access to a wide area voice or data network can provide a WiFi tablet providing information about the facilities and entertainment available on site.
  4. Restaurants: Branded, portable menus and ordering devices.
  5. Seminars: A Wifi brochure can be sent to attendees providing all the information about the location and program ensuring the recipient is fully connected to the event well before they arrive.
  6. Interactive Learning / Research Questionnaires: Real-time feedback can be given from interviews and training sessions as they are in operation.
  7. Location Guides: Headphone jack access points are easily added to each WiFi brochure, or tablet, allowing content to be streamed in a private, portable format for use at attractions, museums or art exhibitions etc.
  8. We are looking forward to hearing from you about all the creative ideas you have for our WiFi brochures

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