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Why Choose Us

Due to the falling price of miniature LCD screens and innovations in digital printing, video brochures are becoming an affordable option for the promotion of your business. With several companies offering a similar solution why should you choose Curveball Printed Media for yours?

At Curveball Printed Media we manufacture a range of video brochures which we call MiniVision. Our experience in providing specialist print and packaging solutions since 2002 allows us to manufacture a high quality affordable product.

  • With our years of experience we understand the needs and requirements that leading brands and their agency partners have. This experience has allowed us to build the infrastructure needed to deliver quality products on time.
  • We manufacture our products in-house, giving us greater control over the quality and standard of finished products.
  • We are not a re-seller.
  • As a company we only use trusted logistics partners to deliver finished video brochures to our domestic and international customers.
  • We can offer up to 30 days in trade credit in most cases (subject to checks).
  • We offer a Returns and Recycle program for all of our clients, saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint. Any video brochures which are returned by the clients customer as part of the program are either returned back to the client, Recycled or reused (FOC).

As a company we try to keep things simple and straightforward for our clients. Because of this 80% of our revenue is from existing customers returning us because they trust us and know we can deliver quality, affordable products on time. To find out more please get in touch.