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Video Brochures

Landscape Video Brochure

Landscape Video Brochure

Hard Cover 4.3″ Screen

Landscape Video brochures produced for Florida Hospital. This 8×6″ hard back video brochure comes with button controls, USB port and cable, 256MB of storage and standard battery.

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High End Corporate Video Brochure

High End Corporate Brochure

Slip Case, Inserts and 5.0″ HD Screen

This high end corporate video brochure was adapted to house not just a ring-bound leaflet but a pocket with maps to the inside front cover.

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Soft Cover Video Brochure

Soft Cover Video Brochure

7″ Screen A5 Soft Cover Video Brochure

The most popular brochure format is the A5 landscape option (as pictured above). This one houses a 7.0″ screen with control buttons and volume control.

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Video Brochure with Integrated Ring Binder

Video Brochure with integrated ring binder

5″ Screen with integrated ring bound booklet

Integrating video brochures and ring bound leaflets. This solution is one of the best we’ve designed, the pages and the screen being placed side-by-side.

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Video Box

Video Box

7″ HD screen and an indent for a hard case book

Video box with CMYK print, matt lamination and silver foil, ribbon support strut and 7.0HD screen mounted in the lid with button controls.

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Large Video Brochure

Large Video Brochure

7″ Screen with housing for A4 Leaflets

This video brochure was produced with foam inlay to house A4 pre-printed fliers. This hard cover book houses a 7.0″ HD screen and 7 control buttons with short clips of content presented in bite-sized-chunks.

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Promotional Video Brochures / Video Cards

Curveball Printed Media are specialists in the design and production of video brochures. We work brands and their agency partners, helping incorporate video into their off-line marketing strategy.

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We’re here to make ordering a complicated technology product easy, stress-free and simple. To help you through the decision making process we provide on-line pricing in UK sterling, USD $ and Euros. If our pricing meets your approval you can order a sample brochure from us free of charge. This will be dispatched within 24 hours by first class mail or international courier.

Once you have reviewed our production sample and decided to proceed with designing your content, we are on hand to e-mail you design templates and specifications to match your intended brochure style.

When you have finalized your design, you can email us the print and video art files via our complimentary web courier service. Before we print and produce your brochure we provide a thorough and detailed proofing service to ensure you receive a high quality production to your exact requirements and expectations.

After receiving your approval to print we will prepare a detailed order confirmation for you to sign outlining all individual elements of your order including print specification, opening sequence, packing details, delivery schedule and destination address. Only upon signed receipt do we expedite your order ensuring you receive exactly what you need from us.

[You Can Rely On Us]

At Curveball our account managers are highly experienced print professionals who understand the needs and requirements of our customers. We are here to help you at every stage of the production process, ensuring that you get a product that suits your needs.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we cover any risk to you by providing trade credit to all qualifying companies. Why not open a trade account today?

Our video marketing products include:

  • Soft cover video brochures incorporating 2-4” – 10.1”screens
  • Specialist hard cover video books incorporating 2-4” – 10.1”screens
  • Video brochures with add-ons: integrated leaflets, ring-bound inserts, capacity pockets, hot foils, screen printing, emboss, deboss and specialist coatings
  • Digital retail displays from 7.0 – 80.0” screens
  • Presentation box and packing solutions incorporating a variety of screen sizes

We have offices in London and New York that serve the United Kingdom and USA. Many of our clients are global, we work with logistics partners to ensure a seamless delivery wherever the destination.
Our lowest prices start from £7.50 (US $12.75) per unit on orders over 5000. More details of our pricing structure is available on request for orders of all sizes.

Corporate Video Brochure

Corporate Video Brochure

5″ Screen and Integrated Ring Bound Booklet

Integrating video brochures and ring bound leaflets needs thinking about. This solution is one of the best we’ve designed, the pages and the screen being placed side-by-side.

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Video Brochures: Scoping Out Your Campaign – Key Considerations


This document details the important issues to consider when planning your video brochure campaign.


1. Before you begin
2. The product choices
3. Cost considerations
4. The timeline for production
5. Distribution considerations
6. Choosing a suitable supplier


1. Before You Begin

An important question that should be asked at the outset of every campaign and rarely is – how do we intend recipients to interact with the information that we are presenting in both print and video format?

It sounds obvious, however rarely do we find designers consider the user experience and design their brochure thinking through the processes a recipient will go through as they engage with the device in hand.

Useful questions to ask:

What intended distribution method places your video brochure in the hands of the user eg. Direct-mail or handed out at a trade show? This should have an impact on how best the device loads, whether is it automatic or manual.

Would you like the user to read the printed text before engaging with the video content? The answer will dictate whether it’s best to use auto-play on opening or to position a static .jpeg in the home screen.

Once the user has interfaced with the brochure, is there a call to action and if so how can we make this effective – linking to a web page via USB or by picking up the phone?

2. The Product Choices

We have a standard range of video brochures that incorporate a range of screen sizes from 2.4 – 10.1″ inside a lithographically printed board surround coated with a laminate finish. These are detailed in our pricing matrix. The standard range is quick to produce, lightweight and economical, however, we offer a wide variety of upgrades that are popular that can make your brochure higher specification and deliver maximum impact, these include:
Video Brochures

  • Processor upgrade – loads instantly instead of a 1-2 second delay upon activation
  • Hard book covers – weightier and longer lasting with higher quality look and feel
  • HD screen upgrades doubling the resolution of your screen
  • Memory upgrades increase the storage capacity from 256MB up to 8GB
  • Battery life upgrades from one hour up to four hours
  • Printed outer packaging or presentation style box sets
  • Integrated capacity pockets
  • Ring bound or stitched integrated booklets
  • Loose or integrated USB cables for recharging or uploading new content
  • Security settings to disable your device from rogue uploads
  • Fancy finishes and coatings : foils, spot UV, soft touch laminates, embossing, debossing, special material coverings
  • Bespoke packaging – special sizes and shapes to accommodate product or existing print collateral
  • Sound upgrades – additional and higher specification speakers for a deeper purer sound
  • Link to webpage via USB connection

3. Cost Considerations

The prices we display in our pricing guide cover everything from receipt of final art and video files through to and including bulk delivery. They do not include video production, editing, creative design or mass distribution to disparate locations. For smaller production runs the cost of creative often far exceeds to cost of manufacture. We do not have a minimum order quantity. We will supply from one unit upwards to multiples of a thousand.

There will never be any additions to your bill that are not agreed in advance – our end to end.

4. The Time-Line For Production

Small runs of the standard brochure (100 or less) can be delivered inside a week from approval to print with a few additional days from receipt of final art files to proofing stage. Larger production runs up to 1,000 pieces take 2-3 weeks from approval of proof. Hard book covers and brochures with a high degree of extras, or bespoke designs take 3 weeks or more to produce and 5-7 days to proof from receipt of art files.

For all projects the last element we require from you is the video content, which means you have longer to edit and submitted your video files than files for the printed brochure which are needed before we can make a start.

5. Distribution Considerations

Video brochures contain ION lithium batteries and require special certification before international air freight when bulk-packed. Bulk shipments of video brochures are not permitted on passenger aircraft as they are classified as hazardous. From point of origin we look after all this on your behalf, however, be aware of the problems faced in sending on these items in bulk without the necessary certification. We can provide safety data sheets if required.

If you intend to mass mail your video brochures we recommend you order a printed box to house the brochures that we will bubble-wrap and fulfil for you. We suggest this is placed inside a padded envelope prior to mailing in order to prevent damage in transit.

Your distribution method affects how users interact with the device. These aesthetic issues are covered in point one.

6. Choosing The Right Supplier For You!

Most video brochures are manufactured in China. A few companies print locally on smaller volumes, however, ALL the electronics which account for 80% of the cost are solely made in the Far East and imported. If you source direct from China you face three major challenges:

  • The obvious language barrier and time difference.
  • There are hundreds of agents posing as manufacturers on sites such as Alibaba but only a handful of actual manufacturers.
  • If you source direct from China you will have to pay 100% in advance, which makes negotiating discounts for poor quality of late work almost impossible.

If you work with a local value added reseller they may import all, or component parts, from China. If you can find a reputable local suppler with expert understanding of print and assembly you will often find the prices are lower than buying direct from the Far East via a Chinese agent or at an inflated export price. Value added resellers, of which Curveball is one, source the best quality suppliers at the best price and most importantly of all, offer trade credit and guarantee delivery times. This ensures that your budget is protected against poor, incomplete work or damage in transit.

If you require more information on our products and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us or alternatively visit MiniVision Video Brochures.