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Why Is Curveball So Well Placed To Service Our US Customers?

On face value, why would a US organization buy from a British vendor when there are local suppliers available in North America?

Other than the fact we have been around for since 2002, well established, experienced, financially sound, with 80%+ of our existing turnover derived from US companies – the answer is – TIME ZONES

Nearly all video brochure production worldwide is located in Shenzhen, China, and it’s hard to see that changing in the short to medium term.

When you look at a map Europe (Our HQ is in London) we are equidistant between China and the USA.

This means we can speak to our manufacturing hub in China in the morning and our US customers in the afternoon and evening.

The benefit of this conduit is that we can shave 2-3 days off the production timeline because we are literally smack-bang-centre of where the action is. There are literally no communication delays!

In order to accommodate this shift in our customer base, we now work in split-shifts servicing US customers in the afternoons and well into the evening GMT.

So, whether you are in Europe, or the USA – Curveball has your back.

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