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Recycle | Curveball Print Media

At Curveball Print Media we are always looking at ways we can reduce the environmental impact of our products whilst providing a better return to our clients. To achieve this we have a Recycle and Returns service which we offer to our customers.

Our Recycle and Returns Program offers:

  • A FREEPOST returns service – We gather all video brochures returned by your customers and return them to you after an agreed period of time.
  • Subassembly Recovery – We remove the hardware components of video brochures returned to us by your customers. These hardware components are then re-programmed and placed within a newly printed carrier ready for your future campaigns.
  • Component Recycling – Any unwanted returned video brochures can be recycled into their constituent components.
  • Metals: The metallic components are ground up and the precious and semi-precious metals are recovered for future reuse in new components.
  • Plastics: The outer body is crushed and re-formulated into granules for future use in new moldings.
  • Hardware Components: These can be removed and reused in future video brochures.

Our FREEPOST service is only available to clients distributing video brochures within the United Kingdom.

For our customers outside of the United Kingdom please call us on +44 (0)20 8769 6740 for ideas on how to encourage people to return used or unused video brochures.