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Video Brochure Production Checklist

Video Brochure Check list :

Please read these guidelines prior to producing any artwork and supply of files to us. If you have any questions, please call or email.


When preparing artwork please follow these guidelines:

  • Use artwork templates supplied by Curveball Print Media/Minivision
  • Bleed
    • Soft Cover – Ensure ALL trimmed edges include minimum 5mm bleed
    • Hard Cover – Ensure ALL trimmed/folded edges minimum 15mm bleed
  • Files are supplied as CMYK
  • Any spot UV/emboss/foil layers are set up as a spot colour, label and set to overprint. Supply low res pdf to show each additional layer
  • Images are supplied at 300dpi at the size they are placed in the artwork
  • All fonts are outlined
  • We accept print ready pdf files OR Illustrator files with all support files
  • When supplying print ready pdfs include files with and without template/cutter
  • All text and logos are vector based
  • For bespoke requirements (ie pockets, die cut shapes) include as a new layer and label as part of template/cutter
  • We litho print using single sided board. This means the reverse is white. Therefore the inner spine will be white. If you require 4/4 print, please speak to us to discuss
  • Hard cover brochures – Dark solid colours printed full bleed are not recommended as paper can stress and crack when binding, thus showing white against dark print. Trimmed edges also show white when finished
  • You can upload your artwork files using our webcargo service. Please use this link:

Proofing – We supply pdf proof of printed artwork. Upon approval we supply a digitally printed dummy of the brochure with content loaded (if supplied). This is sent to you as a movie file to show video content loading, volume and how the finished product will look. Please note this is a digitally printed proof, so any special finishes, materials will not be shown. Upon approval of these elements we commence with manufacture.

In addition, we send you an order confirmation. This outlines all requirements for your video brochure. Please read this, sign and return to us. We cannot commence production without a signed order confirmation. This document is the checklist we use for manufacture. If it isn’t on this order confirmation it won’t be manufactured/printed.

Please note the client is responsible for final proof approval of all artwork and specifications. Approval can be sent to us as email. We cannot commence production without your approval of all proof files.

Proofing stage can take 2-5 days depending on the complexity of the project.

Please refer to our price list for approximate manufacture lead times. Once a project is live we are able to provide more accurate lead times.

Brochures are individually wrapped in sealed plastic bags and bulk packed with protective packaging. Goods are delivered in bulk, unless required otherwise.

Special requirements – If you have a specific requirement for your video brochure, ie foiling, embossing/debossing, use of special materials, please talk to us about your brief and we can work with you to develop your idea within the production capabilities of these products.

When supplying artwork with special printing requirements such as foil/spot UV/emboss etc, please set as a new layer in your artwork and label accordingly. Please also supply a page in your low res pdf showing this layer only.

Standard brochure – allows auto play on opening via magnetic sensor, standard volume level and video plays continuously on loop until the cover is closed. If you require additional functionality buttons are required.

Buttons – We recommend you include buttons if you:

  • have multiple videos to view – please indicate video name/number
  • pause/play video content – you do not wish the video to load and play automatically when the cover is opened
  • wish to play/pause, rewind/fast forward video content

Button Specificatoins:

  • Each button requires a printed icon/label covering a hidden pressure pad/sensor
  • Each button is 10mm wide, please design your icon to this size
  • Position each button at least 12mm away from screen edge and all trimmed edges
  • Position each button at least 15mm away from each other (edge to edge)
  • Each brochure can hold a maximum of 9 buttons

 Memory Card

  • Standard memory card size
    • Up to 5” screen 128MB memory
    • 7” screen size and above 256MB memory card.
  • Please ensure the total file size of all video content does not exceed this size. See additional pricing for costs for larger memory cards

Video Content – Video content is usually loaded during manufacture. However, you can load video content yourself. If you wish to do this, please send us your video file and we can format it correctly. Files can be uploaded once the unit is connected to a PC via a USB cable. Once the video brochure is delivered we cannot take responsibility for loading / changing video content.

Supply of Video content

  • Files formats we can accept MP4/AV/MOVX
  • Please check the aspect ratio and resolution for each screen size.
  • Master your volume settings to the level you wish to hear.
  • If supplying multiple video files, please label as per button menu, if applicable. Or, label in order you wish to load.

Security – If you do not wish the user to remove existing content or upload new content, we can add a privacy button. This ensures the filing structure is locked. Please indicate this on your specification.

Loading Screen – Content loading can take a few seconds, during this time the video screen is blank. We can load a static jpeg to appear during content load. Please indicate this on your specification.

Charging – Via USB cable connected to you PC. USB cables not supplied as standard. If you require these, please state on your specification. All our brochures are supplied fully charged. During transit units can lose some charge, these will quickly re-charge once connected via USB cable to a power supply.

Touch Screen – This function allows volume control and selection of multiple video files. Auto loading or ON/OFF button is required to activate unit.

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