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Buckram Lined Brochure & GF Smith Board (Hot Foil Text) 7.0HD Screen

We love a challenge and when asked to produce a video brochure using an Italian hardback book covering we jumped at the chance. The outer cover material finish is called Buckram – a 3-ply laminated material imported from Italy. Our client, McArthur Glen, initially wanted us to emboss the cover which proved impossible due to the laminated nature of the material. Instead we tested various print affects and found that hot-foiling was the best way to print directly on Buckram.

The inner paper is a GF smith coloured board, matched with the Buckram, which gives the video brochure a high class look and feel. The brochures were handed out during an award ceremony by the client to high ranking dignitaries.

This A5 brochure houses a 7.0” HD screen with an auto-load on opening feature triggering a short 3 minute video activated by a magnetic switch embedded in the cover.

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