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Black Board + Silver Foil & Slip Case (Internal Capacity Pocket)

Studio 1 came to us with a brief for a project on behalf of GPS Foods Group. Their idea was incorporated using a black uncoated board with silver foil, screen printed text and an internal pocket to house the 48 page brochure. The brochure was presented inside a black slip case with foil and screen printed text to match the video book.

Their brief required us to create a product with:

  • 4.3” LCD TFT SD screen 480×272 resolution, aspect ratio 16:9
  • A5 black uncoated board, silver foil and x2 colour screen printed text
  • X3 button control
  • Static boot .jpeg on opening
  • Auto-load on opening
  • 8OHM speaker system
  • 1 hour battery
  • 256MB flash memory

Technically this was a hard project for a number of reasons. Depicting the globe in foil proved problematic as there were too many small islands to account for, whilst editing was required to make the concept printable. Screen printing behind the foil was also technically difficult. Even so, we were able to deliver an amazing looking video brochure.

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