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Recent Work

The Humble Zeddie – Alive & Kicking

Since 2002 we have produced literally millions of these pocket maps and guides. They remain our best selling product, even though ordered in much smaller quantities than was the case in years gone by. We offer a variety of sizes and folding styles. Print runs are from a few hundred...

360 Degree Video – Launch August 2017

We are in the testing phase for the launch of our 360 degree video technology. Firstly your video must be shot at 360 degrees (this makes it navigable in the same way google navigates in street view).  We use HD IPS touch-screen technology to allow you to manoeuvre around your...

Clamshell Cards – The Most Intuitive Pop-Up Map Ever

The clamshell cards offer a classic, stylish solution to any miniature mapping keep-safe. Their fully automatic opening mechanism makes them simple and fun to open and close, your information on display at all times. We print these using a 600gsm front cover, combined with a special star-folded pop-out insert makes...

Pirelli F1 4.3″ Soft Cover & Presentation Case

If you’re looking to impress, what better way to make an impression than with video brochure with presentation case. This 4.3″ screen with control buttons and presentation case we produced for a recent B2B mailing looked stunning without breaking the piggy bank.  

Video Business Cards

Small is beautiful and the right hands – very powerful. If you want your name to be associated with a video representation of the benefits of your business, what better way that to present your new contact with something they will not forget?

A5 Portrait Video Brochure With 4.3″ Screen

The most poplar screen size and presentation format. This effective and cost effective video presentation collateral offers a great way to communicate with your prospects and customers. The 4.3″ screen offers great value for money and has a fantastic battery life, holding change effectively for months on end.