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Our aim is to provide the best products at the lowest price. We also try to be the fastest and most efficient supplier in our sector, whilst still providing and excellent service to all our customers. The spreadsheets provided offer a good indication of our prices, however, we recommend you request a personalized quotation before you buy and investigate the discount options available on orders over x500 brochures.

Download our re-seller pricing matrix, available in £ sterling, $ USD or € Euros detailing the screen options (2.4-10.1”) for our standard video brochure range including hard and soft cover options. The prices cover all costs from receipt of art files through to and including bulk delivery, duties and taxes.

Our base unit cost includes 256MB of flash memory (equating to a clip 12-15 mins in length), 60-90 mins battery life, auto-play on opening, speaker system, x3 control buttons, USB cable & port and bulk delivery. HD, HD IPS screens, additional button controls, battery life and memory upgrades are all detailed as add-ons.

Lead times from receipt of art files to and including delivery are typically from 6 – 15 working days. Prices may fluctuate, however, valid for 30 days from receipt of email.

To receive a pricing guide by return e-mail, submit your inquiry completing the form below.

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