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HD IPS Is Coming To Video Brochures – What Is IPS….?

We have just started to ship our first few productions using a 7.0″ HD IPS LCD screen. Currently only our 7.0″ screen has this option. The HD IPS solution will gradually spread across our range of screens as manufacturers release upgrades to existing TFT screen technology. But for the layman,...

Video Business Cards

Small is beautiful and the right hands – very powerful. If you want your name to be associated with a video representation of the benefits of your business, what better way that to present your new contact with something they will not forget?

Video Brochure Price Increase

Due to BREXIT and increases in LCD screen prices UK costs have increased 10% and this will be reflected in a price increase for UK customers. We will issue a new pricing guide on July 4th and honour any existing pricing until August 1st 2016. For our US customers, prices...

Mains Connected Video Retail Displays

We are now making mains connected permanent displays. These cost effective PET counter top displays are designed such that video content and print graphic can be changed in seconds. It really is as simple as inserting a new graphic and USB stick!