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Produce a winning pop-up campaign with interactive Pop-up mailers!

Curveball Print Media manufactures a range of pop-up promotions including pop-up cubes, pop-up pen holders and pop-up pyramids.These great marketing solutions deliver your branded message with greater impact!

From our offices in Great Britain and the USA we supply Europe and North America with a wide variety of pop-up mailers and pop-up promotions.

We have been producing pop-up mailers and related pop-ups since our inception in 2002. Over the years we have printed and finished a wide variety of both off the shelf and bespoke pop-up promotions. These have found their way into mail packs, magazine promotions, in store giveaways and even used as pop-up packaging.

Pop-up promotions require a great deal of thought and an in depth understanding of elasticity, high tension bands and cardboard engineering. Curveball combine a wealth of pop-up promotional expertise with good price and a friendly service, ensuring you obtain the best possible results.

To find out more visit our website or e-mail and request samples, pricing and information or to help produce an winning pop-up campaign.
To see how our Pop-ups pop out of a mailer, watch the video