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In-depth explanation of Zig-Zag Cards

Eco-friendly ZeddieThe problem with traditional printed media like leaflets and brochures is that people invariably throw them away before reading the contents. For this reason Zig-Zag cards stand out a as a versatile and cost effective marketing tool.

Zig-Zag cards are designed to be carried in the wallet of pocket, enabling the recipient to read, keep and retrieve information when and where they need it. This type of media lends itself to marketing communications targeted towards people on the move, holiday makers, tradeshow attendees and people going to sporting events etc.

Zig-Zag cards are basically a cross folded text sheet sandwiched between two hard end-cards. Printed and finished in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common – they are ergonomically assembled portability. There are a myriad of distribution options open to the would-be marketer looking to commission their first card. Cover mounts, direct mail, guerrilla marketing, in and on pack promotions are common way to dispense the z-fold cards.

It’s now possible to generate direct response from the generically termed z-style cards by incorporating tear-off vouchers, QR codes and or scratch panels.

Although zeddies  are most commonly used for marketing promotions by companies offering B2B marketing solutions, they are also sold as published items in shops and retail outlets at a cover price.

Graphic design agencies, print management companies or adverting agencies are usually the creative minds behind Zig-Zag card campaigns, generating the design, copy and creative on behalf of their clients before liaising with the printer to get them produced.

The key print finishing elements to producing zeddies are: Guillotine, miniature folding, ram punch, die cutting and binding, sometimes called pick and place.

Zig-Zag Cards are printed from four colour process and digitally on the shorter print production runs. Usually the card covers are machine sealed or gloss lamination to add a high gloss finish.

The pocket sized zeddies are produced in production runs from a few hundred items to the multi-million.

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