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Hints & Tips For Video Brochure Video Sequencing & Start-Up

We have been producing video brochures for 2.5 years now and have some observations, hints and tips to pass on regarding the set-up of the device on opening and navigation. We will always produce what the client wants, however, feedback through our experience suggests that experience in these products is limited and often clients change their sequencing when re-ordering – this is what we feel are points worth considering when planning your user experience and interaction with a video brochure:

1) Magnets embedded in the cover can auto-start the device and auto-load the video sequence. This is often appropriate for direct mail because the user has to do nothing to engage with the video content other than open the cover. However, the auto-start and auto-load function is activated in 1-2 seconds of opening and this engages the user very quickly in to the video, often before they have had a chance to take in the branding, layout and digest any text on the brochure. Instead, we recommend auto-start and flashing a static .JPEG into the screen as a welcome or boot screen (logo). This image stays put until the user actively presses play to activate a video. This gives the recipient time to read the content and soak up the branding prior to being hit with a 3D multi-media explosion. Another reason for this is that if the video is being introduced by a sales-person or introduced by a recipient to a colleague having the video play over them talking can be quite annoying and distracting – better to have control over when you wish to play the video content.

2) Touch screen options are not as intuitive for the user experience as buttons. Whilst touch screens are higher-tech we have found that recipients do not understand that they have a touch screen device in their hands and fail to interact with the content in the correct way. Buttons are less expensive and appear more intuitive for navigation purposes. The reason to use touch screen technology is when you want to re-use the brochures uploading new content and redesigning the navigation. This is impossible to re-index with printed buttons but possible with a touch screen option.

3) Volume buttons are a great idea. We always use the same factory settings for sound, however, depending on how loud the original file has been rendered this impacts on how loud the brochure sound quality appears when opened. Having up and down volume buttons enables the user to set the volume to the desired level for their environment and hearing.

4) We can have up to nine buttons on any video brochure – these are charged as extras.

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