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What Is The Future For Video Brochures?

Video brochures are exciting the imagination of marketing managers and brand owners the world over. Demand from Russia and the Middle East is fueling massive growth in this sector with Europe and the Americas steadily catching the wave.

When we launched our MiniVision video brochures we were hopeful that our customers would be as excited as we were about this new, cool and engaging format. What we didn’t understand was why they would buy in to it. What is it about the video brochure that makes it a contender over other options like augmented reality, DVDs, WebKeys or personalized USB sticks?

The answer came early on from one of our customers in a Google review when they wrote “The video brochure is idiot proof. No need for WiFi access, downloads, installations – all you have to do is turn the cover and it activates”. So there you have it, in this security conscious world where people won’t engage in a two-step process, the video brochure stands alone.

Will the video brochure be the gimmick that next year will be so 2014? We don’t think so. The video brochure will become more affordable and mainstream – it’s not a gimmick more a true media platform that works really hard for brand owners when used correctly. The sophistication of the units will increase over time, WiFi connectivity will allow real time updates to filter through to recipients opening up an entirely new market. Now and for the foreseeable future, video brochures are the next big thing!


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