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Brochure – as a still compelling and original print marketing tool?


With more and more businesses relying on online marketing and advertising, is there still a place for the humble brochure within your marketing strategy?

In today’s online world people are forgetting traditional off-line marketing tools for the benefit of internet marketing. A brochure may not seem technologically advanced, but there is still a place for them for many businesses. However it’s important to make them fresh, compelling and different. If you want to stand out from your competitors you’re going to have to get creative.

CWU Box Mailer

And one of such creative print solutions is Z-folded card. This cross folded text sheet sandwiched between two end-cards makes your marketing work harder and for longer. Usually of a credit card size, Zig-Zag cards (also called Zeddies) pride themselves on an ease of carrying it in a pocket enabling people to read it when and where they need it. This versatile and cost-effective marketing tool conveys a message in an unusual format and is particularly targeted towards people on the move, holiday makers, tradeshow attendees or sport event participants. Zig-Zag cards can not only be a informative piece of marketing with lots of room to put your marketing message in but is also great for tear-off vouchers, QR codes and scratch panels.

Z-folded cards over a standard brochure?

A humble brochure, on the other hand, often has more impact than handing over a business card. There’s a lot more room to get your message across. But since it contains several pages, is usually filled with long text that people find boring and choose not to read at all so it ends up in the bin. Although brochure is still a very popular marketing piece, its format lacks in originality and that engaging factor which will make an audience want to pick it up, play with it and read it.

So if you are looking to create a marketing campaign with the use of a unique and compelling format of your printed marketing pieces that will impress, engage and inspire your audience, Zig-Zag cards are exactly what you are looking for.

Video Brochure

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