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Bespoke Development Projets – Prototyping

Getting it right

The majority of our work is produced from standardized templates, however, we also create bespoke designs for our clients.

In such an instance, we are entering the unknown and when we do this in production, as in our daily lives, there are always surprises and challenges that we didn’t see when we set off on our mission.

As a production house, the last thing we want is to deliver a substandard product or one that deviates from our client’s expectations. So, in order to avoid surprises, (we all hate these) we undertake a prototyping and testing phase during pre-press.

The development phase of a bespoke project includes template design, white dummy preparation, digital printing of a prototype and testing prior to production.

We report to our client at each stage, providing samples and pictures to support our progress and to highlight problems and areas for consideration, or redesign.

By doing a thorough job in the pre-press stage, we can be assured of the end result, in everyone’s best interest.

Here is a picture of a white dummy video box we are working on.

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