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Bespoke Corporate Print Promotions

Curveball Print Media specialize in producing bespoke corporate print promotions. Our range comprises of informative branded giveaway products designed to intrigue and inspire the recipient; including: pop-up cubes, video brochures, zig-zag cards, POP-UP mailers, magnetic zig-zag cards and desk novelties.

We have recently launched a range of video brochures under the MiniVision brand name. Video brochures come with screens ranging from 2.4′ – 7’ combining an internal speaker and battery to offer a full multi-media experience, allowing for thirty minutes of play-time and holding up to 4MB of video files.

Both 4.3 inch and 7’ video brochures have touch screen functions available and all the screens can be programmed with stop, play and volume buttons embedded into the carrier.

Curveball’s selling more 2D and 3D pop-ups than ever before: cubes, pyramid triangles, pop-up houses and even a pop-up freight container! We’re in development on a pop-up TV too! Printed pop-ups are a great way to make your marketing stand out from the crowd and make your budget worked harder and for longer.

We have now produced over 1,200 zig zag card projects! Every week we have new card orders from new and existing customers; often incorporating the latest magnetic and LCD screen technology to give the traditional printed leaflets extra impact.

Adam Hazelwood

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