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5 Great things about Z Fold Cards!

Zig-Zag Card1# Engaging and Innovative. Print Marketing can still be inspiring! With such original formats like Zeddie, UFO, Flick book, Winged Slider, Video Brochure or Pop-up Box, you will surely intrigue and captivate recipients making your marketing work harder and for longer.
2# Cost effective . Z Fold Cards are 73% cheaper! Curveball director Adam Hazelwood started working at Z-CARD® Ltd in the late 1997 when 50,000 credit card size cards would cost £9,500. Sixteen years later the same cards are available from Curveball at a smidge over £4,000.00; taking inflation into account, that’s a 73% reduction in price.
3# Informative. Z Fold Cards (also called Zig-Zag cards) afford to pack an abundance of information into a pocket-sized mailer often taking on a bevy of shapes and sizes.Video Brochure
4# Retainable. It is a known fact that the types of leaflets which are kept and not thrown away are takeaway menus, with the innovative design of Zig-Zag Cards, there is a bigger chance people will keep them.
Pop-Up Pyramid5# Zig-Zag Card’s intergration into mixed media. Z Fold card, as a printed product, has not only a significant impact on mail as stand-alone marketing communication channel. They are also good for embedding QR code into them that when scanned takes you to a website as well as gives an access to videos or other contents that you can download directly to your mobile.

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