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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the content on video brochures?

Yes, new video content can be added and old files deleted. It is import when specifying your requirements that you let us know in advance how you wish your brochure to operate, we can then program the mother board accordingly allowing you to install your new content.

There are certain procedures that must be followed:

• The identical file name and file extension must be used for the replacement file as the one originally installed
• The new file must have the same screen resolution and aspect ratio as the deleted file
• The old file must be deleted before installing the new one
• The new file must not exceed the size of the storage device / memory capacity

Changing the text is more difficult as this has already been printed. There are, however, options that we can discuss with you that can accommodate some variations.

Can the video brochures be recharged?

Yes! Most customers order their video brochures with USB cables. By connecting to any desktop the brochures can be fully recharged in 30 minutes.

What is the battery life?

The pre-installed standard battery lasts approximately one hour of run time. This can be upgraded to three hours.

What length of video can I install on the standard memory card?

Each video brochure comes pre-installed with 256MB of storage – this equates to approximately 15 mins of video. This can be expanded up to 8GB if necessary.

How many videos can I have in my device?

Theoretically there is no limit, however as the videos are best indexed and controlled by a button menu system, we can only have up to 9 buttons per device and we recommend two of these are utilised for volume control. We can overcome the button limitation by having a scrolling carousel set up.

Can I place the button icons anywhere on the printed brochure?

Buttons must be 15mm away from the screen, page extent and each other. Ideally the button icons should be a minimum of 10mm in diameter.

How would you like files presented?

Ideally we would like video files in .AVI format (this is essential for the standard economy chip). Chip upgrades can accommodate a variety of formats including .MOV and .MP4 files. Print files should be provided as high resolution .PDFs with the fonts converted into outlines prior to export, or as .AI files (illustrator 6). Full bleed should be added to the template cut lines.

Where can I upload artwork and video files?

Use our free web courier service to upload us your artwork

Can we see a pre-production copy of the video brochure before we go ahead?

Proofing and mock-up preparation are covered fully in this document

Can the screens be recycled?

Yes – see details of our recycle program