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Design Guides

In order to ensure high quality production, it is important to check your artwork conforms to the following design requirements.

  1. Template files (lay-downs) are provided for all products and should always be set as a separate layer (spot plate) and removed from design prior to RIP.
  2. It is not recommended to design with coloured text under 6pt or reversed out white text under 7 point.
  3. Please ask your designer to avoid key-lines and fine borders on both inner and covers close to the trimmed edges.
  4. It is essential that a minimum bleed of 3mm is added to all trimmed edges.
  5. Do not place any vital text or images within 3mm of trim lines.
  6. You do not need to supply the cover artwork with rounded edges.
  7. Artwork should be presented as high resolution .PDF files with crop marks.
  8. Images must be a minimum of 300dpi and the output converted to CMYK prior to transfer. Please notify us of any Pantone colours required.
  9. Ensure no parts of the artwork are set to overprint – this can result in delays when providing proofs.
  10. If typefaces other than those available in Adobe Font Folio have been used, please provide these fonts.
  11. Please send us artwork via our web courier service accessible through our upload page

    Zig-Zag Cards

  12. Please supply cover and inner sheet as separate documents
  13. It is essential that cover positions comply with our templates. We can bind “opposite corners” but much slower and with more waste, this will result in increased set up costs and slower running speeds.
  14. Please provide a mock up of how your card should be finished showing cover positions and imposition. This can either be a physical dummy or a digital picture shot back & front.
  15. There must be an un-inked area, or patch, 70% of the panel size, on the inner sheet where the covers are affixed. The covers must always be un-inked on their reverse.
  16. Template line colour guide:
    – Red/pink lines = trim/fold lines.
    – Blue/pink lines = trim/fold lines.
    – Orange lines = safe text area.