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Video Brochures

Integrating Text Pages Into Video Brochures

We have tried and tested a good few methods of incorporating printed text into video brochures, this one, thus far, is our favourite. This hardcover A4 portrait video brochure has a 16-page booklet incorporated into it. This method has balance and scalability – we can go up to 32-page insert...

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Bespoke Development Projets – Prototyping

Getting it right The majority of our work is produced from standardized templates, however, we also create bespoke designs for our clients. In such an instance, we are entering the unknown and when we do this in production, as in our daily lives, there are always surprises and challenges that...

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Real Estate Companies Use Of Video Brochures

The Boom In Property Companies Use Of Video Marketing: We have seen a large increase in the number of real estate companies incorporating video brochure marketing into their promotional mix. Updating video brochures with new content is quite easy, all you have to do it drag and drop your new file on the video...

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