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Video Brochures

We work with creative agencies, advertising agencies and procurement companies on behalf of brands looking to incorporate video into their off-line marketing campaigns.

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Video Brochures

At Curveball our account managers are highly experienced print professionals who understand the needs and requirements of our customers. We are here to help you at every stage of the production process, ensuring that you get a product that suits your needs.

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Featuring an intuitive opening mechanism as well as a page with a generous capacity for text, the Zeddie remains one of our most popular products

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Pop-Up Cube

The cube powered by an internal rubber band, is an elastic flat packed box with its own envelope, or compression brace. We produce a wide range of sizes and formats for this product that lends itself to many creative marketing ideas such as a giveaway product or direct mail shot.

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Video Brochures

Oversized 8.5 x 11” lever-arch file housing a 7.0” HD IPS 1024x600 screen console with printed dividers

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Video Brochures

We can provide presentation boxes and packing solutions incorporating a variety of video brochure screen sizes.

Curveball Printed Media – Print innovation specialists, manufacturers of video brochures, video greeting cards, video packs, Z-fold cards and pop-up marketing promotions

We are here to help you deliver successful marketing campaigns. Choosing the right vendor can be confusing and risky.  Since 2002 we’ve been making people like you glad they chose us and we’d like to show you what we can do for you. Please, get in touch today.

[Product launch news]

We are currently in the launch phase of our WiFi enabled video brochures. These look in physical form similar to standard video brochures, however, the additional of an Android operating system, touch screen and WiFi connectivity make them a wholly different animal; keeping content fresh and your end user always up to date with the latest content. They open the door for a broad range of intelligent content provision. Follow this link to find out more.

[We exist to ensure your peace of mind]

We make it easy for you to order complicated media solutions with the knowledge that you are dealing with specialists in their field who understand your needs and are as committed to fulfilling your campaign requirements as you are. We cover all the basis so you don’t have to. Order your free samples today!

Video Brochures / Video Cards

Video Brochures
Recipients have described video brochures as “the most exciting promotional product to surface in twenty years”.

Video brochures (sometimes referred to as video cards, TV in a card, or video packs) provide a powerful platform on which to deliver a full multi-media presentation. By combining printed brochures with LCD screen technology, you can play and read your marketing message free of wires, internet access or security worries at any time and in any place.

We have a selection of free samples for distribution and offer 30 days trade credit to most customers.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ION battery, video brochures come packaged in a variety of promotional print options including beautiful hard-back editions for the heavyweight high-end communication. We use the latest HD and IPS (all-angle-viewing) screens to provide the best quality product to represent your brand in the best light.

[How are they used?]

Video Brochures are used for a variety of different purposes across a wide variety of industry sectors, popular uses for them include:

  • Trade show promotional collateral
  • Sales force leave behinds
  • PR press packs
  • Customer info packs
  • Targeted mailing campaigns
  • Retail signage

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Zig-Zag Cards

We produce the world’s biggest range of compact media cards (known commonly as z-fold cards). Within our range we provide:

Zig-Zag cards are used to deliver information you want recipients to read, keep and refer to time and again. All our cards are produced with protective hard outer covers and deliver the text within a miniature folded sheet for ease of use and storage. The result is a reusable and durable printed communication that can be carried easily by the recipient.

Articulated Mailers

We produce a range of articulated mailers and pop-ups designed to engage the recipient in ways that traditional machine finished print simply cannot. All our mailers have a degree of hand finishing, incorporating elastic bands or mechanisms that make them interesting and tactile to open.

The flick book and pop-up products are the most popular of these, print runs start at 500 pieces upward!

STIX Anywhere

Our electrostatic stickers, printed digitally or lithographically, make brilliant mess-free, easy to install POS media. Printed on a plastic electrically charged membrane and secured with a peelable backing, it is possible to dress and re-dress your store or wall in seconds leaving no residue.

About Us

We specialise in the production of innovative, high quality and tactile printed marketing tools. We utilise cutting-edge printing techniques, enabling us to create the unusual and you to communicate your message in a uniquely different way.

With locations in London and New York we supply creative services and print agencies with niche, competitively priced, speedy productions with the least amount of hassle or fuss. We exist to make complicated jobs simple.

Curveball Printed Media was founded in 2002, since then we have produced thousands of campaigns, many for leading brands like Sky, NHS, M&S, Tesco, Bentley Cars, Jaguar either direct or via their agency partners.


Curveball’s founder, Adam Hazelwood, worked for Z-CARD Europe between 1997 and 2002, latterly as country manager for the Z-CARD (UK) & Ireland division. We would like to make it clear that the Zig-Zag Cards made by Curveball are not to be confused with that of Z-CARD Ltd, Z-CARD North America, or any of Z-CARDs distributors.

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