WiFi Enabled Video Brochures Have Arrived

We’re in the launch phase of our WiFi enabled video brochures. These look similar to our standard video brochures, however, the inner workings are completely different, designed for instant updates over the internet, keeping content fresh and your end user always up to date with your latest content. Traditional video...

How Long Should Your Marketing Video Last?

We get asked this question a great deal. It’s good to read a comprehensive survey looking at engagement, content and drop off. The bottom line reads – anything more than two minutes and the drop off is significant. Read the full article here

7.0 ” HD IPS A5 Hard Cover + Gloss Lamination

The 7.0″ HD IPS screen with a screen resolution of 1024×600 is a thing of beauty. IPS is the all-angle-viewing technology designed by Toshiba and incorporated into most modern TV sets. The quality of this screen really is wonderful. More of our customers are regularly finding that little bit extra...