Real Estate Companies Use Of Video Brochures

The Boom In Property Companies Use Of Video Marketing:

We have seen a large increase in the number of real estate companies incorporating video brochure marketing into their promotional mix.

Updating video brochures with new content is quite easy, all you have to do it drag and drop your new file on the video brochure following a few simple guidelines. This feature is widely used by realtors to market new homes to prospective clients.

The latest developments in the video brochure sector – 360-degree video brochures and WiFi video brochures are perfect for marketing properties as they allow for a virtual tour of the property at the recipient’s discretion and live content updates to content to be made over the internet direct to the device.

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2 thoughts on “Real Estate Companies Use Of Video Brochures

    1. Adam Hazelwood Post author

      Hi Dona,

      The prices are very reasonable and the quality excellent. Prices are still coming down little by little and we anticipate a bright future for this category of marketing.


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